TLC Bookkeeping, LLC is a small business and knows how difficult it is to ask about fee schedules and staying within set budgets.  With that in mind, we are determined to keep our services affordably priced and available to the small and medium sized businesses we are passionate about serving.

To prove this, TLC Bookkeeping, LLC offers a 30-minute complimentary appointment for all first time clients. TLC Bookkeeping, LLC also understands time is precious and allows for clients to text questions or concerns. Once you are a client of TLC Bookkeeping, there is no charge for questions and answers; you can contact us any time you are in need of our assistance!

“We have worked with Tina for over 9 years and she is fabulous! We trust her 100%. She is very detailed and very organized. She has made our lives much easier and tax time is a breeze. Highly recommend. We would be lost without her.”–Gas Products Unlimited


“Completely trustworthy. She saves me a lot of time, worry, and headaches. All I have to do is give her receipts and come tax time everything is ready to go! She answers all my questions and finds all my receipts. She’s been a blessing to the company and is like family”– Pearland Mechanical


This is our first year in business. Without Tina, we would be lost in our own books. She not only helped us from the very first stage of obtaining the proper QuickBooks software, to thoroughly training me thru the software, and getting us up to date on our books. She is the absolute Best in her expertise and couldn’t have found any other Bookkeeper like Tina! She is definitely there when you need her!”– Smart Choice Plumbing

 TLC Bookkeeping, LLC would like to refer you to the following companies for all of your tax return needs:

Harrington, Carbone, & Allison, LLP; a CPA Firm |

ALM Financial and Tax Services, Andrew Messarra; an EA (Enrolled agent) |

To better serve our clients, TLC Bookkeeping, LLC has a wonderful, trusted network of business contacts we can introduce you to for your next project.  Whether it’s a CPA, business banker, merchant services provider, business coach, graphic designer, printer, sign maker, or a public relations and marketing professional, we’ve got the right contact for you.